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The Best Kid’s Luggage: Cute, Practical And Strong

Best kids luggage

Children’s luggage has come a long way since I was a kid! Read here reviews on five of the cutest, sturdiest, most practical and best luggage for kids.

You need to pack up your child’s essentials; her lunch-pack, and some clothing items like scarves, hat and gloves. How do you encourage her to eat her apple and wear her gloves? By putting them in a bag that is made just for her! We have delved into your kids’ world and discovered some of the currently trending best kid’s luggage. Throw in a bit of your child’s world by getting her one of these bags we know will sure take her heart.

Skip Hop Zoo Pack Little Kid Backpack

This dog face is so cute and you feel like you just want to give it a playful pinch; it is also very handy when you plan to pack most of your child’s possessions. BPA, Phthalate and PVC free, this is a suitable product for the infant and young child so you need not worry of possible health risks for your young one.It features an insulated pouch for snacks to stay warm and an adjustable mesh-pocket for liquid bottles with comfy straps. Inside the large compartment you can pack up your child’s essentials and use the nametag space inside so the pack always finds its way back to its owner. Oh, did we mention there are 21 different animals to choose from?!?

JanSport T501 SuperBreak Backpack

Jansport T501 Super Break Backpack

For the slightly older kids this 600 Denier polyester bag is ideal as it features several patterns and the usual JanSport quality.

It is an ultra-functional bag with 13 inches of packing space so you can load up most of your child’s collections. Inside is a large compartment in which books, clothes and toys can fit. The front pocket will work for smaller items and some spending cash. It is a comfortable bag with straight-padded shoulder straps; the weight is separated from your child’s back with a two thirds cover of soft padding material. There are several patterns to choose from.

J World New York Lollipop Kids Rolling Bag

J World New York Lollipop Kids Rolling Bag

Another feature on the best kid’s luggage list with an assortment of kids’ designs and colours, this rolling bag is made of durable, tear and water-proof material.

The J World Lollipop bag features a front large organiser and two side pockets with a mesh-cushioned back with slip in system. The straps are softened with an air mesh padding and an optional telescopic handle. This works best to get your young one feeling responsible by pulling the cargo on his or her own, despite the 17 inch packing space which would otherwise prove weighty. For some extra fun, the wheels light up when rolling. Bonus items come in the form of a separate lunch bag.

Disney Cars Toddler Rolling Backpack

Disney Cars Toddler Rolling Backpack

Kids love Lightning McQueen. Join their fun world by getting them this incredibly fun rolling backpack. There is a large compartment in which actual cars can fit in this utility bag. Throw in a few items of clothing and some books to go with it. All of 13 inches of packing space still leaves the bag easy for the child to navigate on his own due to the telescoping handle.

It also comes in with an adjustable padded shoulder strap that will keep his fragile shoulders comfortable.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Hard Shell Backpack

As real as it can get, this is a convincing hard shell turtle Ninja Turtle bag for your adventurous child. Imported polyester, it has a large main compartment in which to fit in all his collectibles plus just in case items like a sweat-shirt, hat and snack pack.

For a full-size school pack, this bag can carry as many books as your child can carry. The thick air mesh shoulder straps will ease the discomfort of the 16 inches of cargo. On the exterior, it features dual mesh side pockets in which to pack water-bottles.


For your child’s enjoyment, get the bag that gives the impression you share in their world and yet can pack up all the items that you know may be unwanted necessities. This is a super hack for the parent who wants to make those mornings or travel adventures a little easier. These chosen five children’s bags will fit in perfectly with your child’s fantasy world and you get to be the best parent in the world!

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