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A Review Of The Best Carry-on Luggage. Making Life Simpler.

Best Carry on Luggage

I have found each time I travelled that the anxiety of getting to new places is not so much the contemplation of finding strange sights, customs or new people but the worry over impressions. Indeed, the misgivings of the whole adventure can be dissolved easily through appearances.

To the detached viewer only one of your possessions, the bag that locks in all the others, gives the essence of who you are, your style and your confidence. Your choice for the best luggage gives the answer to the one all-important question; How best can I impress new and prospective acquaintances without uttering a simple word?

For an easier pick, here are the top choices I believe will help you in a much more personalized way. Sit back, put your feet up, and find the bag that is right for you!

Top Carry-on Luggage Comparison Table

Calpak Silverlake Carry-on Hardside Upright Suitcase

Calpak Silverlake 20in Carry On Suitcase

Think Calpak if you are the sassy, fun-loving holiday and leisure traveller. Found in pretty murals and lightweight, this carry-on is perhaps the best solution for making an impression.

Despite its cute and small appearance, the Calpak sports a fully-featured interior of two packing compartments that have a dual-tie-belt divider panel; basically you have the advantage of two secure bags locked into one.

It is playfully maneoverable with 4 wheels, all with a 360 degrees rotation, waltzing-ready since your clothes are secured with an elastic strap. Sealing the deal is the modern telescopic handle, cushion softened for your comfort.

Travelon Wheeled Carry-on With Back-up Bag

Travel On Wheeled Carry on Back up Bag

Fully convenient and made to suit your desire to escape the hassle of luggage repossession after a remarkably tiring trip, this Travel-on bag fits right under your seat.

It has a large main compartment, an add-a-bag strap and a full size back-up bag so that everything you need for your trip is compactly packed. Inside is an organiser compartment so your clutter is made easy to rummage through. The front pocket is ideal for reach-quick accessories like your Kindle.

Best of all, for easier movement and navigation and the solution to your heavy-luggage carrying worries, the bag comes with flexi-rotating wheels!

Kathy Van Zeeland Travel Rolling Duffel Bag

Kathy Van Zeeland travel Rolling Duffel Bag Wheeled Carry-on Luggage

The printed stylish and compact Kathy Van Zeeland was made to simply take you to your destination with ease and class. Inside is a large packing space and it comes with a push button and a multi-stage locking system for total security.

The bag has an ergonomic handle for comfortable carrying, of course, and a fascinating zipped pocket to hide the handle when not in use. This extra thought is ideal for compartment packing with less protruding items to deal with.

Wondering where to pack those extra or last minute items? All you have to do is utilise the side exterior pocket.

Tumi Tegra-Lite International Carry-on

Tumi Tegra-Lite International Carry on

This thermoplastic, 3 stage telescopic handled 14-inch bag has spinner wheels for mobility which make it much easier to negotiate in any emergency mode you may be forced into.

I particularly liked that the chic carry-on comes in dark colours professional for an impression of professional seriousness.

Tegra-Lite is of high imported quality with a polyester lining for durability and much easier maintenance. It has an inside removable garment mesh pocket and hanger bracket for ready-to wear items for when on a tight and busy schedule, making it top pick as best carry-on bag for the business traveller.

Samsonite Luggage 22 Inch Ardante Wheeled Duffel

Now getting back to basics, to travelling bags we called duffel and traveller’s bags, only much better and more modernised. The Samsonite is for that time you need to pack for the family the traditional way but still want the trimmings of the new invention we call the carry-on invention.

It looks much like the traveller’s bag; yes, with a large U-shaped opening for easier access to contents, multiple organisation pockets, much lighter and with amazing rolling wheels and comfortable carry handles. But – you can easily carry it on-board and be ready to go as soon as you land!


Travelling has been made so much more convenient as we get into the era of carry-ons. Your choice should be as close to your personality and needs as possible. It is such a hectic experience choosing from the hundreds of carry-on bags on the market that by the time you are through researching you cannot remember what you were looking for anymore!

Well, true to word, this insightful review is guaranteed to give you the best carry on luggage on the market, narrowed to the top five, and within minutes of your reading this article you will have found your ideal travel-mate!

Product images sourced from Amazon.com

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