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Amazing Tips For Choosing The Best Travel Bags

You travel a lot. You even have days where you can’t keep up with yourself much less the state of your luggage. You need travel bags that are durable, stylish, and will last a long time. You’re in the market for the best travel bags, but you have no clue where to start or what you need to look for in one. Luckily for you, we’ve got a checklist.

How Long Are Your Trips?

This is very important in considering what bag you’re going to need. You definitely don’t need a large bag if most of your business trips are overnight stays. In that case, a small bag or simple garment bag will suffice. Both of these will hold the clothing you need and your toiletries as well. You can also place your shoes in plastic bags before you put them in your luggage.
If your trips are two or three days long, you will need a slightly larger bag for your needs. Business trips are just that, business trips. You only need to pack enough clothing for the days you’re going to stay plus the business suit you’re going need for the meeting or meetings.


You may be thinking this should go under the first one, but they can be exclusive. You can find overnight and weekend bags that you can carry onto the plane so you don’t have to check in the luggage. If you travel a lot, you will need to take into consideration what the airline companies consider “carry-on”. You can usually find this information on their website. Write the dimensions down, and you’re half-way there. Now, you have the size of the luggage you are going to need to purchase so you don’t have to wait at a baggage carousel.

Hard Or Soft Sided

This is on preference, but there are times a soft sided bag will come in handier than a hard sided one. For instance, it’s easier to store a soft sided one, and you can pack it easier than a hard sided bag.

To Have Wheels Or Not...

This is a personal preference, but it can be an important one. If you travel light, you may not need wheels on your travel bag, and thus you could possibly save some money by purchasing bags without them. If you pack heavy or just don’t like to carry your luggage, wheels will be right up your alley. They do make going from terminal to terminal a breeze when you’re using carry-on…

A Rose By Any Other Name...

Before you reach for that name brand bag, think about it. Most of the bags you see on the market are manufactured in the same warehouses. This means the only difference between that $50 bag and that $200 bag is the fancy name on it. This isn’t high school anymore. No one is going to point at your travel bag and chuckle because you got it from Target instead of Macy’s. Sometimes, the more expensive bags break sooner than the cheaper ones. Many website let you compare brands and prices. Use this feature often.

Take A Look At The Materials And Reviews

If you take a closer look at the description, you will find a list of materials that were used in the making of the bag. This can also tell you how durable the bag is and if you are allergic to any of its components. It is possible to be allergic to certain materials.
Reviewers can be brutal. The pictures may draw you in; the description may impress you, but nothing can warn you away from a product faster than the people who have used it before you have. This group will definitely give you a candid opinion on what they feel are the best bags for travel. Take these to heart, paying special attention to the much longer reviews. These are usually the reviewers that have put the bag through its paces and can really tell you if it’s worth it to purchase.

Go Forth And Find Your Bag

These tips should help you find the best travel bags for your needs. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, find second and third opinions in regards to reviews, and have a budget in mind when setting out on your quest to find your travel bag. Always keep in mind how much you generally pack, how long your trips are, and whether or not you like to bring home souvenirs. I hope this guide will serve you well. Travel safe!

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