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25 Professional Travel Bloggers You Need To Watch Today

Do you dream of blogging your way through exotic locales? Follow these professional travel bloggers as they show you how it is done AND inspire you with their own adventures! From an array of blogging sites and travel stories there is much to learn about the world around us in its entirety. By following these specially chosen bloggers on our top 25 list, you will learn what it takes to become your own pro travel blogger extraordinaire!

1.       Linguistic Flair Melissa

With the desire to see the world comes the bigger one to learn as much of it as possible. Learn to implement other languages into your travelling life at A Broken Backpack.​

2.      Adventurous Kate

From an up-front blogger who tells it as it is in a highly descriptive way, get the full picture of the why's on traveling blogs. 

3.      The Poor Traveler

There is no “poor” in the exotic lands detail that is given here and the price guides are information hubs for a budget conscious traveler.

4.      California Native Kiersten

Once a professional finance person, learn how life can turn into a series of fun and adventure for anyone by following this destination focused blog The Blonde Abroad.

5.      Young Adventuress

Giving an extraordinary flair to the seemingly ordinary, she delves deep into the specialty destinations of her nature-centric blogs on New Zealand and Spain.

6.      Her name is Aileen

There is a real and surreal feeling you can get from the insights on Japanese spirituality. Getting these in a personal development formula is the best feature.

7.      In Wanderland with Alex

Obsessed with guidebooks of territories she has no immediate plans to visit, inspiration can be drawn from her revelations of the unsung remarkable lands and travel spots.

8.     Just Go Places

Let the pictures do the talking; speaking of Cities, Beaches, Culture, Food and Drink and Adventure this blog showcases a spiced-up travel life for the ordinary.

9.      Johnny Ward 

He has studied and worked from over 100 countries and his blog is scrapbook material for that personal introduction to living out his dream on his blog OneStep4Ward.

10.    Christy and Scott 

Giving travel and photography advice through blogging, they make traveling together an exciting opportunity for couple’s bonding in a luxurious escape to the adventurous life in the Ordinary Traveler.

11.     Dani’s Globetrotting 

Having traveled since 2010, she offers inspiration to the curious by giving information on before and after travel queries in a relatable open manner.

12.    Polka Dot Aussie girl 

Young and vibrant, the 22 year-old Aussie works with several known brands thus enabling her to spiritedly give informed travel facts through photos and blogs.

13.    Picture Book Stories with Janet 

Opening up in the world of blogging; the how’s, dos and don’ts for making it as a travel blogger, highlighting her joy at pursuing her dreams in her blog Journalist on the Run.

14.    Josh on Airlines 

The airlines are an important aspect of the traveler’s life, videos, factual blogs and the soloist in him makes the experiences come alive realistically. Read more at Go Travel Your Way.

15.    Wild with Nellie 

All in fully fledged bright carnival colors, Nellie gives quotes, country category listings, search meta and insightful information on unusual travel destinations. Check out Wild Junket now!

16.    Following Dreams 

Appealing to the non-traveler, the Y Travel Blog blog gives a guide on the how’s, whys and where’s in answer to the unasked questions of those that have not travelled much.

17.    Flashpacking 

Geert, the Inspiring Traveler Belgian flashpacker, focuses on both the novice and seasoned traveler giving resourceful e-books, food pages, interviews and destination tips for regular reading.

18.    Living Simply

In Spanish, Chica is girl and this blogger gives a platform to inspire you to use the acquired knowledge from your own travel experiences through culture and language.

19.    Family Adventures

There is joy in numbers and traveling as a family is one sure way to find bonding moments for the whole family; get the planning solutions here.

20.   Planning Your Dream Trip

On a plain board in plain language, this team gives the details you need to get traffic, advertising and making the dream a reality-whichever one you have!

21.    Living Without a Permanent Home

Wildest thinking; travel and live without a permanent home? Agnes and Cez show you how to enjoy the eternal road trip lifestyle successfully by tramping around the world.

22.    Traveling With Disabilities is Possible 

Rex, the solo traveler, shows how starting small is the best way to get to the dream-having traveled 35 countries to date, he is still going strong. Check out his inspiring blog here. 

23.    Don’t Let Fear Get in Your Way 

This is the hands-on resource for actually doing something to fund your dream. Begin your bucket list by cutting down on the unnecessary expenses in life.

24.    Luxury Travel

Laura and Tanbay are soulmates giving the up-side of traveling, exploring and getting experiences together as a couple happy all the way. The Traveling Weasels will inspire you. 

25.    Sustainable Travel 

Kach and Jonathan show that traveling need not be a personal affair, business-model it through collaborations with various media houses like Forbes and The Telegraph. The Two Monkey's Travel Group blog will give you amazing inspiration. 


There you have it, you can travel the world over simply by following bloggers or live the dream and share your own experiences in your very own travel blog. These hand-picked bloggers all have a passion to share their blogging lifestyle and are successful doing so. You too can become a professional travel blogger by learning from these top travel bloggers on their writing style, content focus, relevant travel topics and even reader interactions!​

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Amy has a serious case of the travel bugs! If she's not checking out the world, then she is reading or writing about it. As Saint Augustine said, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.”

Agness - August 5, 2016

Thank you so much for including Etramping here. We feel so privileged to be featured amongst so many great travellers who keep sharing their awesome stories with readers! I’m hitting the road in September and can’t wait for new adventures to share! <3

    Amy Blair - August 7, 2016

    You’re welcome Agness! We cannot wait to hear about your new adventures!!

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